Viluppuram District Police
874 infections reported today, which is so far the highest in Tamil Nadu. Out of it, 618 are from Chennai to take its tally to 13,380 persons.

Tamil Nadu Coronavirus latest cases details

Tamil Nadu, today May 29, crosses 20,000 infected cases with 874 infections reported today, which is so far the highest in Tamil Nadu. Out of it, 618 are from Chennai to take its tally to 13,380 persons. On May 24, only the infected cases crossed 10,000, and within five days, it has doubled to 20,000 today. For the past three days, it is consecutively above the 800 marks of 817, 827, and today 874.

Total Positive CasesDischargedActive Cases in HospitalDeath

Reducing lockdown relaxations while infection peaking in India

India is the only country where flights start flying and relaxations reducing when the coronavirus infections are peaking. Even the center seats in the flights are booked without allowing social distancing norms. When a case was filed against all three seats of flights being booked, the central government said to the Supreme court that if the seats are left vacant, the cost of the tickets may shoot up.

Photo: NDRF team task to ensuring safe air travel during coronavirus spread.

The rise and rise of infections during the lockdown

On March 24, when the first lockdown was announced, the total infected cases in India were only 496. After 66 days of the lockdown, the infected case now stands at 1,65,000+ and rising more than 7,000 per day now. While the lockdown made millions of migrants to walk thousands of kilometers back to home and breaking the backbone of the economy, the infected cases are only rapidly increasing.

J.Radhakrishnan, IAS clarifications on corona crisis in Chennai

Special nodal officer for Chennai Corporation to co-ordinate COVID 19 efforts, Dr. J.Radhakrishnan IAS spoke on the corona crisis in Chennai today which includes

  • Except for Chennai and surrounding areas, in other places in Tamil Nadu, the coronavirus infections have been eliminated better than any other states in India.
  • Due to availability of a lot of free spaces in other parts of Tamil Nadu and with the people following social distancing it was possible in other palaces
  • Though people in Chennai are also co-operating and following social distancing norms due to overcrowding in Chennai, the infection is increasing.
  • Special officers have been appointed for many zones to deal with the corona crisis on micro-levels.
  • With no definitive medicine or vaccines found by WHO, people should take the coronavirus seriously is the government’s and chief minister’s continuous request to the people.
  • In some areas, we even fine people for not following standard procedures, and since fining is not possible on poor people, and other measures are also taken now.
  • All the shop owners are made to wear gloves, use sanitizers and to follow social distancing for their customers