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Coronavirus Safety and Prevention Measures support by Drones and Jasper Robot

Coronavirus Safety and Prevention Measures support by Drones and Jasper Robot

Robots and drones are now preventing coronavirus spread in Chennai. With twelve reported infected cases in Tamil Nadu, it is getting locked down from 6 PM today. 492 across India forces 32 states and 560 districts locked down. Domestic flights, trains, buses canceled across India. But the death toll has gone to nine with a 54-year-old man dying in West Bengal dying without any known source of infection, which is community transmission of the virus and is close to stage 3.

A private robotics company has developed a robot to supply up to 2 liters of sanitizer and napkin for people's use. It can be used in offices, public places, and others without the fear of getting infected by the virus and supplying ample sanitizer and napkins. The private company is ready to provide it to the government.

A drone yesterday, March 23, started to disinfect the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital in Chennai. With a score of doctors watching it in astonishment, the drone performed its task in many parts of the hospital.

The first 100,000 to be infected by the coronavirus took 67 days. The second 100,000 to be infected took 11 days, and the third 100,000 took only four days.  Now the fourth 100,000 is rapidly increasing every day.  And the death toll has crossed 15,000 around the world. And the whole world is now watching how India, the second populated country in the world, is dealing with the pandemic.

 WHO chief Tedros Adhanom said yesterday that the pandemic is accelerating. And the countries are only reporting a fraction of the exact number of infections. It is because they are testing only the most severe cases in need of hospitalization.

The lockout in Tamil Nadu announced from 6 PM today has made thousands leave Chennai from yesterday. Local buses were extended up to Tiruchy via Villupuram. Now a lot of passengers are stranded in the Tiruchy main bus stand to go to their native places down south and nearby Thanjavur and others.

Some people even climb atop of the buses. The main aim of the lockdown is to maintain social distancing is completely ignored, and there are chances for any infected person to carry it all through Tamil Nadu now. It is similar to people leaving Maharashtra on March 21 to take the virus all over India.

Coronavirus Safety and Prevention Measures support by Drones and Jasper Robot