Covid-19 Kerala
Surprisingly, Kerala has only 3,172 cases so far compared to the 59,377 cases in Tamil Nadu.

Coronavirus Status in India: India, though in the fourth position in the number of coronavirus infected cases, has more deaths and a daily amount of infection cases than Russia, which is in the third position. The infection and mortality in India were at the minimum during the start of the lockdown, and it steadily increased during the five of its extensions to reach one lakh.

It is the only country in the world to relax the restrictions and start unlock downing when the number of infection cases started to increase rapidly. As soon as the relaxations started, it rapidly increased from one lakh to three lakhs as on June 13. And during the last one week it is skyrocketing of more than one lakhs with the total infection toll at 425,282 and the death toll near 14,000.

COVID 19 in Kerala

Kerala is the first state to report coronavirus cases in India. Also, with a lot of its people in foreign countries, many worried about Kerala. Even, the Tamil Nadu government closed all its borders for stopping people from Kerala to come into the state. But surprisingly, Kerala has only 3,172 cases so far compared to the 59,377 cases in Tamil Nadu.

Even yesterday, June 21, out of the reported 133 cases, eighty were of people who came from abroad, and 33 were from other states. Only 10 cases were reported within the state people. Kerala is not only the role model for India but for the whole world in controlling coronavirus.

COVID 19 in Karnataka

Only recently, the center asked other states to follow the Karnataka, which is ruled by BJP for controlling coronavirus. But in the last one week, the deaths in Bengaluru alone doubled from 32 to 64. And in the last one week, Karnataka added 2150 cases to take its tally to 9150 and adding 51 deaths to bring the total to 137.

In Bengaluru alone in the last 21 days from the start of unlocking down – 1, the infection cases have increased three times. It jumped from 357 to 1,272 and the death toll has rapidly risen from 10 to 64. Now the higher officials have formed three task forces to control coronavirus in Bengaluru and Karnataka.

Lockdown or unlock down, the coronavirus is spreading across India and killing people every day. It is only for people to be safe to save their lives and livelihood.