Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu

Coronavirus Investigation in Chennai
Coronavirus Investigation in Chennai

Tamil Nadu crosses 80,000 coronavirus infections, with nearly 4,000 infections reported today. Of the 3,940 cases, the ratio of Chennai and other districts are nearly 50:50 today. Among the 58 people dead today a one-and-a-half-year-old baby in Villupuram due to COVID 19 is also one of the victims. These two factors of increasing infections in other districts and the death of young and healthy people cause enormous worry for the government and the people.

Coronavirus in the world and India: Every week, across the world, there is an increase of one million infection cases to cross the one crore coronavirus cases yesterday June 27. Also, the death toll surpassing half a million people is expected to reach one million. In India, even for the past few days, there is a rapid rise in coronavirus cases, with nearly 20,000 cases reported yesterday.

Also, the death toll has crossed 16,000 and increasing at an average of 500 deaths per day. Apart from West Bengal and Jharkhand announcing continuing of lockdown until the end of July, Manipur has now announced lockdown until July 15.

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: Every day the infection cases are at all-time highs, and it continued today, June 28 also. There were 3940 cases reported today, of which Chennai accounted its highest so far with 1,992 cases. The remaining 1,948 cases were from the other districts.

The three neighboring states of Chennai, which are also under intense lockdown, contribute 374 cases (Chengalpattu – 183, Kancheepuram – 92 and Tiruvallur – 99). The remaining 1,574 cases are from other districts, causing grave worry for the people.

Districts with an increased number of coronavirus cases: Due to the imposing of intense lockdown from June 19, the Chennai exodus is alleged to be the cause of a steep rise in the infection cases of other districts. Lakhs of people have left on the few days before the severe lockdown to come into effect in Chennai.

Though the district administrations were cautious in allowing the people, they somehow reached their village without any proper testing of the virus. It is now spreading like fire and is the root cause of the situation now. The most affected district in Madurai reported 284 cases even after the sudden intense lockdown from June 24.

Another most worrisome fact from today’s infection data is that of the Kallkauruchi district with 169 cases, and Salem with 109 cases. The other districts with increased infection cases include

Coimbatore – 32, Cuddalore – 39, Pudukottai – 36, Ramanathapuram -83, Theni 62, Virudunagar – 58 and Tiruchy – 43.

The districts close to Chennai like Villupuram – 47, Tiruvannamalai – 142, and Vellore- 85 are the other districts showing a high rise in coronavirus infections.

Not only the Tamil Nadu people, but everyone in the world is expecting a miracle to happen to control this novel coronavirus. But for not only people in Tamil Nadu but for many other states in India, there is again going to be only a lockdown which is already nearly 100 days now and when will it end is the question among all now.