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Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: CM Urges Scientists to Find a Cure Soon

CM Urges Scientists to Find a Cure for Covid-19

Coronavirus is now officially confirmed in Tamilnadu. Many travelers arriving in Trichy, Coimbatore, and Chennai airports are quarantined after screening. Three in Trichy, including a two-year-old boy, is under suspicion of Coronavirus infection. In Coimbatore, a research scholar is under scrutiny for the Covid19 disease. Eight trillion US dollars lost in stock values due to coronavirus and continues its fall worldwide. There are nine deaths in the US and death toll worldwide crossing 3200 and nearly 1 lakh affected by it as of now. CM wants scientists in Tamil Nadu to find a cure for coronavirus.

K. Rajamani, Collector of Coimbatore, said that if any student is found with flu symptoms, their parents should be immediately informed. The parents, in turn, should check their children at the hospitals. The collector was speaking at a review preparedness meeting in Coimbatore.

A media bulletin was issued by the directorate of public health and preventive medicine yesterday, March 4. It says that out of the 96,729 passengers who were screened in all the airports in Tamil Nadu, 1292 are put under home quarantine for a week, and five are in hospital quarantine. Chennai tops the list of the home quarantined passengers, followed by Coimbatore, Nagapattinam, and Ramanathapuram.

The Coimbatore Ph.D. scholar in Japan flew through Singapore and has come to Chennai airport on February 26.  He has taken a train to Coimbatore and now is in ESI hospital quarantine.  Another two-year-old boy in Trichy is now quarantined in Trichy hospital after suspicion of Covid19 virus infection.

Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami, on Tuesday, March 4, launched the TNHSRP or Tamil Nadu Health System Reform Program. Funded by World Bank to the tune of Rs. 2,857 crores it focuses on three key areas including

  • Improving quality care
  • Managing non-communicable diseases and injuries
  • To reduce equity gaps in reproductive and child health

While speaking at the inauguration function, the CM asked Tamil Nadu scientists to find a cure for coronavirus. He said that since there is no cure for it, we should find a cure and set an example.

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: CM Urges Scientists to Find a Cure Soon

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