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Coronavirus in Chennai is well maneuvered by the officials concerned under the leadership of the Chief Minister

Minister Velumani. Coronavirus in Chennai is well maneuvered by the officials.

Corona in Chennai is well maneuvered by the officials concerned under the leadership of the Chief Minister: To mitigate the spread of the corona infection across Chennai, the state government has appointed one IAS officer and one IPS officer for all districts who will constantly monitor the situation, takes care of their confinement, and records the same.

There are 14 corporations, including Chennai and the radius includes 121 Municipalities and 528 panchayats, where daily updates need to be recorded and ensure the virus spread is contained in the areas. People with an international travel history and foreign nationals are monitored continuously for any health issues and tabulated.

In Chennai, it is for quite some time the inspection is going on every day in all the houses in all areas covering 95% of the city. Totally out of 85.7L houses, 57000 houses are isolated in the corporation. Also, there was a complaint that Chennai private hospitals are not conducting a coronavirus test for those who appear for other ailments.

The government makes sure that the issue is sorted and henceforth no such complaints would arise. Sanitary workers, Health care professionals, Nurses, Policemen are given proper care against the dreadful virus spread as they confront it from the first line.

The shortage of food is addressed by giving food to the needy. More than 7 lakh people got benefitted by "Amma Unavagam". From Amma Unavagam alone, 102L of idlis, 31L of Chapathis and 39L packs of mixed rice are distributed which satiated the hunger of poor people. From "Samudhaya Koodam," food was distributed to more than 4000 physically challenged people along with others. More than 2L sanitary workers are also benefitted with the free food scheme.

As social distancing is considered the main parameter, to lessen the crowd accumulation, the officials appointed to purchase the essential foods and commodities and delivered door to door in many areas where the social distancing is an issue.

The government has spent around Rs 133 crore on issuing hand sanitizers, disinfectant liquids, masks, gloves, and cleaning liquids to ensure the areas are tidy and hygienic. Also, in Erode, where the pandemic is high, the government has set up a mobile hospital and more than 800 got treated and benefitted. The Chief Minister puts forth the life as a priority to the economy.

There are speculations in the air that the Chief Minister has restricted NGOs and others to service people. Minister Velumani stated, "As Social distancing becomes the vital need, the government forces all the providers to give the food to the officials and the person responsible for the area would distribute the essentials in the name of the person who donated.

Without understanding, the opposition parties are spreading rumors that the government is not allowing the NGO's to support. It is highly intolerable." NGO volunteers can join with govt via StopCoronnaTN Website and can continue the duties, which was open for very long time. Come what may, our personal hygiene and discipline would help us to save from the pandemic.

Coronavirus in Chennai is well maneuvered by the officials concerned under the leadership of the Chief Minister