Resurgence of COVID-19 in Coimbatore
Coimbatore sees a resurge in COVID-19 positive cases since the relaxation in the Lockdown while the monsoon is at its doorstep.

Coimbatore sees a resurge in COVID-19 positive cases since the relaxation in the Lockdown while the monsoon is at its doorstep. On Thursday, five new positive cases have been recorded again.

As a recent development in the city, the corporation authorities have sealed the Bommanapalayal area and banned walking in Racecourse due to the fear of COVID-19 spread. Now, the fear of another lockdown grips people.

Coimbatore is reporting a steady rise in the infection rate since the opening of the borders. Though they were mostly of imported cases from other zones and other states, the city is reporting individual cases for the past three days.

On Thursday, in Vadavalli, two women 39 and 29 years old tested positive after they came in to contact a 27-years-old man who had a trip history to Chennai. According to the contact tracing officials, the person had hidden many pieces of information about his travel.

The man should have been in home isolation after returning from Chennai on Monday by road. However, his neighbors said that they have seen him roaming around since Monday.

Another case is a 37-years-old woman who is a neighbor of the CMCH lab technician who was tested positive on Sunday. Another case is a 10-year-old girl who flew to the city with her mother and little brother.

The girl, with her brother and mother, landed in Coimbatore on June 7, was tested negative on her arrival. But, her four-year-old brother and her 31-years-old mother were tested positive on that day. The girl was sent to her apartment at Peelamedu with her family members on that day. On Monday, the girl’s sample turn to be COVID-19 positive when the officials collected her nasal swab and tested it.

In the meantime, the doctors at the ESI hospital found the increase of lung damage in the COVID-19 patients. Before opening the borders, the ESI doctors found only 20% of patients in the count of 280 had severe lung illnesses. Though they hardly required extra oxygen supply. But after May, (after the relaxation in lockdown) the count has literally become higher.

Now, Around 33 patients out of 40 were tested with sever lunge damage and 20 among them have a severe cough, cold, dry throat and headache. In that, only 6% of patients require no extra oxygen supplement, and the rest 94% do, as per the ESI doctor’s statement.

According to the ESI doctor’s statement to the TOI, there are changes found in the lungs of patients with no symptoms.