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Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: Coimbatore has the Most Infected Cases in the State

Coronavirus in Coimbatore

As per John Hopkins University data, worldwide infected cases have now crossed the one million mark and stands at 1,015,877. The death toll has crossed 53,249 worldwide. In India, the infected cases are more than 2500, and 72 have died. As per the ministry of health and family welfare, Tamil Nadu infected cases stands at 309 as of 9 AM April 3.  In the Coimbatore district, there are 34 affected cases.  And more than 4286 houses are under surveillance in the region to control the spread of coronavirus.

The deadly pathogen coronavirus is devastating the whole world, unlike anything before. Apart from human lives, the fear of its rapid spread further is sending a chill down the spines of all the 7.8 billion people across the world. Except for a handful of countries, all are affected by it now, and the infected persons are now crossing 1 million is raising alarm bells.

In India, on the tenth day of lockdown, the last three days saw a jump of 1500 more cases. It is a 150% jump from its previous 1000 infected cases levels. In Tamil Nadu from 70, it is now more than 400, which is more than 400% jump, and it is now in the second position in all India rankings of high coronavirus states only next to Maharastra. And with more of the test results of the Delhi return victims and those close to them to come soon, it may take Tamil  Nadu to the first position in India.

Particularly in Covai, where more than 4,286 people have come from foreign countries, and 102 returned from Delhi event, the infected cases stands at 34 now. Out of these, 24 are from the Delhi return cases from various parts of Coimbatore. They are all quarantined not to spread the coronavirus to others. And all the houses of the 4,286 foreign return people are under surveillance as they have self-isolated inside their homes.

The government, under the expert guidance of the health secretary Beela Rajesh is working in full swing to contain the coronavirus. We, on our part, should be indoors to not only save ourselves but also not infect or loved ones and also give additional burden to the doctors, paramedical staff, and others.

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: Coimbatore has the Most Infected Cases in the State