Tamil Nadu Minister and Medical Committee meets C.M. Today for Vital decisions

Tamil Nadu health officials meeting with Health Minister

CoronaVirus hikes day by day in Tamil Nadu infecting 46,000 people till date, with 38 deaths yesterday alone hitting the major need for C.M. to make major decisions.

Under the guidance of Edappadi K. Palanisamy, expert doctors committee of Tamil Nadu meets today to detail the current impacts of CoVid-19 inside the State. As per the report, it is the 5th conference of the medical experts with the Chief Minister after the outbreak of pandemic contagious disease.

The expert team are the ones who proposed a strict lockdown to curtail the rapidly spreading virus in Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, after the medical consultation with experts, C.M will attend the CoronaVirus situation in all parts of Tamil Nadu with the Ministers at 12 noon.

Adding fear to the existing CoronaVirus phobia, 277 people who tested positive to the deadly contagion by the hospitals in Chennai were missing even after the reporting call from May 27 to till date. This negligence of the public to get treated for the acquired disease will also increase the number of CoVid count inside the State.

Photo: Recruitment of 2000 nurses in Tamil Nadu

Seyyar Bus Depot of Thiruvannamalai district has been ordered to be on holiday for the next three days due to the 11 positive cases of drivers and conductors along with some depot workers.

Chennai ranks first in the CoVid count in Tamil Nadu and curfew has been relaxed due to the economic disparities held by the public all over India from the beginning of June. After the relaxation, working and other district people who got stuck in Chennai city for nearly four months have slowly moving to their native due to the unemployment and increased disease fear.

This movement of people from Chennai to several districts hikes the people of other places, which are in less CoVid number now will definitely rise up the number.

Let us wait for both the Central and State government’s decisions in curbing the count without many lockdowns to help people insufferable from poverty amid CoVid.

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