Chennai Coronavirus Lockdown: Chennai Police will Fine Bikers who ride with a Pillion
To ensure social distancing Chennai police is fining bikers riding with pillion riders
Tamil Nadu

Chennai Coronavirus Lockdown: Chennai Police will Fine Bikers who ride with a Pillion

Penalty for bikers with pillion in Chennai

The Corona crisis in Chennai is also causing financial problems for the people. For those who drive in a bike without masks have to pay Rs. 500 and the addition of Rs. 100 fine if they ride with a pillion. With the rapid spread of coronavirus infection in Chennai, the penalty is in place with the hope of stopping those who do not follow standard operating procedures.

Tamil Nadu & Chennai coronavirus infections

Until last week, the total coronavirus infections were only around 600 – 700. But yesterday in Chennai alone, there were 964 coronavirus infected cases of the total of 1162 cases of the total Tamil Nadu.

Today at 1:30, one of the arterial roads, KK Salai connecting KK Nagar and other areas are completely sealed now. It adds to the hundreds of containment zones across Chennai. There are severe restrictions in place in these zones, and movement allowed only for essential needs.

Largest COVID 19 care center in Chennai

To meet the growing needs of medical facilities for the rapid rise of coronavirus infected patients, the Chennai Corporation has set up the largest COVID 19 center take care of 1,728 patients. It is in the Kesava Pillai Park in Pullianthope area, and also 47 colleges have been identified for converting them into additional COVID 19 care centers. In the Royapuram and Tondiarpet zones, there are 1,377 and 1,101 active cases, and in the last two days, they both had more than 200 new infected cases for each day.

Hence to control the rapid rise of the coronavirus cases in Chennai not to let it become like Mumbai, where there are more than 40,000 infected cases, there are many restrictions. Even the relaxations applicable to most parts of the state are not given to Chennai by the government. Hence the fines for not following social distancing norms seem essential.

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