Pudukkottai Black Magician Arrested by Police
The greed for treasure and luxury life made a man from Pudukkottai to involve in black magic and kill his 13-year old daughter.

Pudukottai: The greed for treasure and luxury life drove a man from Pudukkottai to kill his 13-year old daughter.

A man, Panneer from Nodiyoor village near Gandharvakottai in Pudukkottai district, is working as a builder and has two wives. First wife Indira has three daughters and a baby boy. The second wife, Mukkai, has two daughters. On May 18, Vidya (13), the youngest daughter of Paneer’s first wife, Indira, went to fetch water in the nearby Pidari Temple pond and reportedly not returned home.

The search for her led to see Vidya lying in an unconscious state near Pappankulam with a torn face and neck. Relatives and neighbors who saw this had rescued the little girl and took her to the Thanjavur Government Hospital, where the young one died on May 19.

A police case was filed to Gandarvakottai Women’s Police Station on the grounds of Vidya may have been raped and murdered. But the autopsy report confirmed sexual assault.

In the police investigation, Vidya’s father, Paneer, has responded skeptically. The police arrested Paneer on June 1 after he and his second wife agreed that they had assassinated Vidya with the assistance of Wizard Vasanthi to obtain a treasure. Further, accomplice Kumar surrendered to the village administration officer of Themmavoor.

The two were arrested on Thursday when police searched for the local black magician Vasanthi and her cousin Murukaiee who had killed the small girl.

How did human sacrifice happen?

They performed a pooja near the Pidari Amman Temple at midnight on May 17. At 7 am the next day, Paneer told his two daughters to go to the Pidari Amman temple and get water. The youngest daughter, Vidya, who is always active, has left the pitcher saying, “Stay here, I’ll go and get water.”

Paneer followed the girl and took her to under a banyan tree to speak alone. Paneer’s cousin Kumar, Paneer’s second wife, Mukkaiee, and the Black magician Vasanthi, who were hiding in the forest, were holding the little girl’s arms and legs trying to make the girl breathless.

After confirming the little girl’s death, Paneer has sent the wizard and everyone else, telling Mukkaiee to stay there alone. Vidya’s father cunningly to get out of people’s suspicion, traced it to be a case of sexual harassment by removing his daughter’s clothes and throw them in the eyesight of the public.

But relatives who found the girl in a state of non-life-threatening condition took her to the hospital, where she died immediately.

However, the victims in Vidya’s death case are arrested except her second mother, Mukkaiee, since she died suspiciously last week, and the Police are investigating the above alongside.