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Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: Actor Parthiban to lend One of His Houses to the Government

Actor Parthiban to Help the government

Kamal Haasan tweeted yesterday that he likes to transform one of his houses in Chennai to be made a temporary hospital with his party persons who are doctors to provide coronavirus assistance. Now, Parthiban also offering his flats in KK Nagar Chennai. He wanted the public also to assist in fighting the coronavirus in Tamil Nadu

Parthiban, in a video message, has come out in full support of the government in fighting the coronavirus infection. He praised and thanked the media, CM, health minister, government, doctors, paramedical staff, and the public who support the fight against coronavirus. He also offered his three flats in KK Nagar to be changed into hospitals or isolation facilities by the government.

A report by the journal of the Indian Council of Medical research gave a projection of the coronavirus infection recently. Only in the most optimistic scenario, there is the possibility of interrupting the covid 19 transmissions in India. It says that in the optimistic scenario there would be symptomatic cases or in other words that show symptoms of coronavirus infection in the Indian cities to be Delhi with 1.5 million or 15 lakhs persons and Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru with half a million or 5 lakh people.

The report says that the infection would peak over 200 days from the report date of February 27. In the pessimistic scenario, the report suggests cities like Delhi might have 10 million or one crore persons and Mumbai to have 4 million or 40 lakh people. And the worst part is the pessimistic scenario will peak in only 50 days from the report date of February 27, which is 30 days now and only twenty days left.

Hence famous personalities like Kamal and Parthiban coming to support the government with their homes for hospitals and isolation facilities are a welcome sign. It is because once the explosion of infected cases starts, there will be not enough hospitals, or beds or isolation wards to keep the infected persons not to infect others and cause devastation to India as a whole.

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: Actor Parthiban to lend One of His Houses to the Government