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Actor Karthi seeks Swift justice for Pollachi Gang Rape Case

Actor Karthi Seeks Fast Justice for Pollachi Gang Rape Issue

The entire nation though was panic with Corona infection; the hanging of the four convicts came as an oasis in the desert of panic. Finally, justice is conferred. This case shook the entire nation in 2012 when the paramedical student was sexually assaulted and bruised with iron rods and threw off the bus by six men. One committed suicide, and one being juvenile was freed off after serving a sentence for five years. The rest four men Akshay Kumar Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma, and Mukesh Singh, were hanged in the morning at 5.30 A.M at That jail in Delhi.

The convicts were dragging this execution from January 2020, and finally, after the Supreme Court rejected the last-minute plea at 3.30 A.M in the morning, they were hanged at the same time in Tihar jail in Delhi. Meanwhile, a for Karthi has voiced out in social media inquiring the justice to Pollachi victims. It takes quite a long time to serve justice for Pollachi victims.

Actor Karthi is referring to an incident that happened a year back in Pollachi, where a moneylender Thirunaavukkarasu and his assistant T Vasanthakumar, textile shop owner M.Sathish, Manivannan, and Sabarinathan were arrested for enticing young girls and gang-raped them. A video went viral where a young girl was pleading them after being beaten up. This has led to a huge outcry across the state, but the verdict is yet to be given.

Nirbhaya's kind of judgment only will prove good to the ones who even think of committing a crime. These atrocities made us sometimes feel whether Darwin's theory of evolution gets proved in humans too viz animal brain in the human body. Everyone is awaiting the judgment of the convicts of Pollachi.

Actor Karthi seeks Swift justice for Pollachi Gang Rape Case