277 Coronavirus Patients are Missing in Chennai

Greater Chennai Corporation Reports 277 Missing COVID Patients

AS a recent development, around 277 people, who were tested COVID-19 positive, are found missing. Now, the Greater Chennai Police is hunting them appointing a special task force.

It seems Coronavirus is already in a hurry to cover all the areas of Chennai. As of Sunday, the infection count has reached 31, 896 after the addition of 1,415 new cases.

The exact count of Tamil Nadu is 44,661 as per the reports of June 14 following the addition of 1,974 new positive cases. On the mortality side, the count keeps increasing every day. Four hundred thirty-five people have died to the Coronavirus so far in Tamil Nadu.

Among the increasing numbers of Coronavirus in the state, 2,270 kids under the age of 12 have Covid-19. According to the Family Health and Welfare Department of Tamil Nadu, On Sunday, around 76 kids were tested positive of Coronavirus in a single day.

While the economy of the state plunging into the abyss, people are found leaving the state’s capital out of fear. As reported by a news outlet on Sunday, most of the people are leaving Chennai because of the COVID-19 spread since the government brought relaxation in lockdowns.

Now, fear grips the city again due to the missing of 277 Corona patients. According to the list submitted by the GCC, Greater Chennai Corporation, the missing 277 are those who were tested positive of the infection between May 23-June 11.

According to the police department, tracking those 277 has become a challenge for police because the 277 weren’t so genuine while filing their personal details. Now, along with the special task force, the cybercrime department of GCC has joined to track down the missing coronavirus patients, said the commissioner of the Police, Chennai. So far, only three were tracked down and there are 274 more to go.

In this situation, Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami has called for a cabinet meeting on Monday. In the meeting, which is all set to happen on Monday afternoon, CM to discuss the situation in Chennai and the rest of the districts.

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