26 private hospitals should refund overcharged fee to Covid-19 patients in Tamil Nadu

TN Health Minister Vijayabaskar at Iluppur Govt hospital

Tamil Nadu Health officials said the action taken against 26 private hospitals overcharged the public for corona treatment.

More than 300 private hospitals have the license to treat Covid-19 patients in Tamil Nadu as per the government fee limit.

As per the Tamil Nadu government, maximum charge of Rs 7,500 per day for those Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms and up to Rs 15,000 for intensive care.

On the other side, in Tamil Nadu Government hospitals, it’s FREE for Covid-19 treatment. Also, Free for Covid-19 swab test anywhere in Tamil Nadu, whereas the Private hospitals charging from Rs. 3,300 to Rs. 4,500.

Following this, actions were taken against 26 hospitals charged extra fees in a survey conducted across Tamil Nadu based on complaints.

Of these, the licenses of 8 hospitals got suspended. Eighteen other hospitals received orderes to refund the extra fees received from patients.

Health and Family Welfare Department Government of Tamil Nadu officers has consistently advised private hospitals to be transparent in the Covid-19 treatment fee structure to the public.

But nothing was followed by the private hospitals as per the complaints received to the Government.

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