Home Tamil Nadu 15-year-old Girl Sexually Assaulted by an Auto Driver in Coimbatore

15-year-old Girl Sexually Assaulted by an Auto Driver in Coimbatore

Minor Girl Raped by Auto Driver in Coimbatore
Minor Girl Raped by Auto Driver in Coimbatore

An auto rickshaw driver sexually assaulted a 15-year old girl with the help of his two friends in Coimbatore.

Police arrested Driver Selvam on Thursday, along with his two friends, who helped the 32-year-old Selvam in the crime near Podanur. The police also identified the two friends involved one is a 35-year-old tea seller in Podanur named Rajan, and the 30-year-old Suriyaraj of Eachanari.

The police further claimed that the victim returned to her hometown due to the CoVid-19 lockdown and studies in class X by staying in a children’s home of another district. The crime scene occurred on June 1, when the girl returned from a friend’s home and stood out due to the scolding of her parents.

In the meantime, Goods driver Selvam, a neighborhood acquaintance of the girl’s family, used the situation by consoling the small girl and took her to a friend’s home for dinner. There the brutalities staged up several times during the night where Rajan raped the girl by gulping alcohol.

Also, Rajan ordered Suriyaraj to bring a car to Podanur from where they took the girl to Pollachi after they dropped the plan to stay in Pollachi and left the girl near her home in Podanur.

The girl’s father filed a complaint against the crime in Podanur law and order police station. As a result, the police arrested Selvam and his friends and lodged in Avinashi Sub jail.

Sexual Assaults are the unstoppable crimes happening in the nation nowadays in infinite numbers. The action of less lethargic judgment regarding these sexual assaults made people be in fearless mode in more cultural cities as well. Notably, Coimbatore has been stated as the safest city in the country for women. But activities like these will raise phobias for students and working ladies.