Chennai Covid-19 Update: 1000 Doctors Appointed in Deputation.
Doctors Transferred to Chennai in Deputation
Tamil Nadu

Chennai Covid-19 Update: 1000 Doctors Appointed in Deputation.

A batch of one thousand PG completed Doctors transferred to Chennai to assist in the Coronavirus treatment. It seems the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the state has taken another measure to control the spread in Chennai.

As of June 04, 2020, the infection count has risen to 27, 256, from just 10,000 within 19 days. Around 18, 693 positive cases are from Chennai. On Thursday, another 1072 new cases were reported again that increased the count again.

In addition to the spreading threat, the numerical projection from Dr. M.G.R University was submitted to the TN Government on Thursday. The projection said that there is a potential chance of 1.5 lakh people to be affected in Chennai within the July second week of 2020. Then the peak would go up till October.

The state government is so involved in controlling the spread in Chennai and, however, keeps failing in it. Now the numerical projection has fueled the fear of further spread as the analyzations from the M.G.R University are one of the topmost trusted sources so far.

To increase the treatment facility in Chennai, around one thousand PG completed, doctors have been appointed to Chennai in the name of temporary deputation. As per the source, the PG doctors have not yet attended their final exams in April because of the lockdown.

Now, the deputation doctors are put on to duty in the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Keelpak Medical Collage, and Hospital, and Omandhurar Medical College and Hospital are to be noted.

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