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1 Lakh Rapid CoVid-19 Test Kits Will be Available Soon, CM Edappadi Palaniswami Assured

Latest Press Meet of CM Edappadi Palaniswami

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami today, April 6, has made many announcements regarding coronavirus. After meeting all the district collectors, he detailed all the preventive steps taken and to be considered for coronavirus infection. The highlights of the CM's announcement include buying and using 1 lakh crore rapid testing equipment from April 9. Also, the re-opening of schools will decide on the situation after the lockdown was his other announcements.

From WHO chief Tedros Adhonom to former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan is all insisting only on one thing. It is to test who are all under symptoms of coronavirus as early as possible and to isolate them. They even have pointed out that mere lockdown will only give temporary relief, because as soon as it is over and the people come out in the open, those who are infected may spread the virus to others.

In South Korea and Italy, more than 7600 people out of one million are tested for coronavirus. In India, only a mere 29 are verified for every million population. And in Tamil Nadu out of the 6,79,00,000 population, only 4,612 which have been tested so far. And the positive cases among them are more than 10 % at 571. In this scenario, the chief minister's announcement of one lakh rapid testing equipment to start testing from April 10, which can confirm results within half an hour, is an excellent welcome announcement. The other announcements of CM include

  • 2,10,538 persons have been screened in airports
  • 90,541  of these persons who were screened in airports are under home quarantine
  • 10,814 have completed 28 days home quarantine 
  • 17 coronavirus testing labs set up in Tamil Nadu that includes 11 government labs and six private labs
  • 21 more lab facilities with equipment and workforce are ready and  have been waiting for the approval of the central government 
  • 1,848 are in-patients in government hospitals with doubt of being infected with coronavirus
  • 22,409 beds are prepared for accommodating coronavirus infected persons in hospitals
  • 3,377 ventilators of government and private hospitals are readily available
  • 2,00,000 face masks and 20,000 PPE equipment are bought every day apart from sufficient stock of them in hospitals
  • 2,800 ventilator buying order has been approved by the government order today for future use 
  • 1 Lakh rapid test kits bought from China will be functional from April 10 and with fast results within 30  minutes will help in testing across Tamil Nadu 
  • Migrant workers across all districts are taken care with proper shelter and food
  • Contacted many chief ministers of other states to get their assurance of safeguarding migrant workers from Tamil Nadu
  • The Tamil Nadu government has helped 7305 migrant workers
  • 268 migrant camps have been formed, and more than 11,530 migrant workers are getting free 15 kg rice, one-kilo dhall and one liter of oil
  • 83,500  unorganized hotel employees are to get Rs. 1,000 compensation for facing locked down in phased manners
  • 94,873 cases have been filed against those who violated Section 144 in Tamil Nadu
  • 94,158 have been given bail for their arrest in the said cases
  • 72,242 are the vehicles seized by the Tamil Nadu police
  • 25,14,000 is the fine amount collected from the Tamil Nadu people for violating 144 section
  • Essential goods to be delivered to home quarantine people 
  • Mobile essential good suppliers will soon be introduced in Chennai
  • There are no accurate information on the Delhi event returned persons and those who are not yet checked, are requested again to come and check for coronavirus infection
  • If they hide the coronavirus infection, it will go out of hand apart from infecting their family members and the general public
  • The central government has given only 500 crores as the initial payment for Tamil Nadu to fight coronavirus

1 Lakh Rapid CoVid-19 Test Kits Will be Available Soon, CM Edappadi Palaniswami Assured