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Theeran Team Press Release

Theeran Team Press Release: Television and Streaming Sites will not have...

Theeran team had released the press note stating they won't be screening the scenes that hurts some group of people. They stated "Theeran had been created based on the

"Theeran team honored the Police Department" – DGP SR Jangid, Operation...

Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, realistic cop story gets accolades from the real police officer SR Jangid who headed the Operation Bawaria. The team is lauded by DSP for their
Suriya Reveals Theeran Story Line

Operation Bawaria On Sliver Screen Now – Suriya Reveals Theeran Story...

Now Suriya revealed the operation name, it is "Operation Bawaria". This operation was launched against the criminals in Jan 2005 after the murder of AIADMK MLA Sudarsanam