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New study reveals What Is Pluto Made Of

What Is Pluto Made Of

What Is Pluto Made Of

Space Researchers have different ideas and concepts related to the characteristic nature of Pluto claiming it as planet at the start, then dwarf planet, now a new idea originates about the Pluto suggesting it as a giant comet i.e, it might be made up of billions of comets combined together, according to a study conducted by the Southwest Research Institute published in a reputed science journal. 

Comets are related to dirty icy bodies containing dust, ice, carbon dioxide etc that are more found in Kuiper belt. More speculations around the corner for the frozen ice found in Pluto. The ongoing Pluto puzzle game seems not to have an end. Scientists hoped that Pluto was originated similar to the manner of formation of other planets i.e., swirling of dust together by gravity and forming a huge mass.

Contrary to this idea, the new study claims it to be a giant comet without any test proof. Possibly, the images captured by New Horizons Spacecraft data in July 2015 when it flies past the planet could be used for analysing the quantity of nitrogen in Pluto and further development to their study.  But, the nitrogen rates would have changed in these years after the image capture in 2015.

Sputnik Planitia, named after Earth’s first artificial satellite is a high ice covered basin i.e., a large glacier on the bright Tombaugh Regio feature on Pluto’s surface is taken for the study to look for chances of burial of carbon monoxide deep inside the glacier or in a below-surface ocean. This will pave way for future space missions to know in-depth about the role of comets in planetary construction.

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