NASA To Send A Small Robot Helicopter With Mars 2020 Rover

NASA To Send A Small Robot Helicopter With Mars 2020 Rover

NASA’s next plan to explore the Earth’s neighbouring planet Mars is sending a tiny robotic helicopter. It will be sent along with Mars 2020 rover when it is launched after two years and expected to land on February 2021. After landing, the rover would release the helicopter and it would take off automatically. Suppose, if the Mars Helicopter fails, the Mars 2020 Mission will not be disturbed in any manner.

The announcement was made on Friday by NASA after its testing and redesign done for four years. The Mars helicopter shall be flying close at 10 feet high close to the surface of the red planet about which is 140 million miles away.

According to the reports from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the following arrangements were made in the Mars Helicopter to operate smoothly.

1) Since the Mars atmosphere is very thin, it cannot hold the helicopters at greater heights as in Earth. This is the main criteria considered for the lighter design of Mars Helicopter. 
2)  Further, it is powered by lithium batteries with solar cells. Also, since the temperature in Mars at nighttime can reach up to minus 100       degrees Fahrenheit, a heating mechanism has been developed in it.
3)  A drill is attached to collect samples of rock and also instruments were provided to conduct chemical analysis.
4)  An experiment would be conducted in producing oxygen from the carbon-di-oxide available in Mars.
5)  An array of Sensors

Other than this, NASA had also announced earlier about its Man to Mars mission before Man to Moon mission.

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