Mass Extinction Of Species Occurs Due To Minor Human Race Atrocities Image credit: Ken Kistler
Earth is continuously facing the mass extinction of habitats oneby one. The human population on Earth is just 0.01 percent of all living things while plant life is 82 pe

A recent study shows that Human population on Earth is just 0.01% of all living things. It is somewhat difficult to digest because as human population in the world is around 7.6 billion. But the real fact is that the human census is insignificant compared to many of the other existing species in the world. 

Using the precious gift of nature i.e. the in-built six-sense, humans have a control over others and the environment of Earth that includes plants, trees, animals, viruses, microorganisms, birds etc. More than this, the human race is responsible for the loss of 83% of all wild animals and 50% of plant species leaving the livestock maintained by human beings.

Also, it is to be noticed that people are consuming less meat since there also exists an environmental impact on livestock. 

Plants account for the major share in the Earth contributing 82 % of all living matter and 5 % accounted by all other creatures with the human population, just 0.01 % of all living things but humans dominate and disturbs all other living matter in the World. Next, to plants, Bacteria holds 13%, a majority of which is buried inside, according to a recent study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

According to a research paper published in a journal, Earth is continuously facing the mass extinction of habitats one by one. Atlantic menhaden population has reduced by 15 percent in the last 65 years. It is due to impact of human behaviour on existing creatures in land and ocean due to pollution, land acquisition, raising human population, technological improvement, climate change and similar reasons.