India Is The Host Country For World Environment Day June 5 2018

India Is The Host Country For World Environment Day June 5 2018

India Is The Host Country For World Environment Day June 5 2018

June 5 is the date which nature lovers cannot forget because it is worldwide celebrated as World Environment Day by United Nations (UN) since 1972 for protecting the environment and discuss the ways to handle Global warming and Climate Change issues. Every year theme focuses on different environment-related issues.

This year theme is "Beat Plastic Pollution" that indirectly highlights the prevailing plastic pollution. When normal plastics are burnt, it leads to various health issues in the surrounding living beings.   

Since, India is the host country for World Environment Day 2018, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Dr Harsh Vardhan  says on June 4 about the significance of the day by stating that Indian Culture and lifestyle has its roots in co-existence with nature and asked for commitment from the Public in making Planet Earth a cleaner and greener place. 

People celebrate this day by cleaning their surroundings, planting trees, campaigning environmental aspects including causes and remedies to develop public interest and participation in environmental concerns.

In connection to 2018 theme, Government urges the prevention of production and use of plastic that is already proven as a threat to human health, oceans and marine life. 

As a remedy, plastics could be replaced by bioplastics that is degradable and renewable. Conventional plastics are made from petroleum and bio-plastics are from vegetable fats, oils, corn starch etc and act an alternative to oil-based plastics thus reducing CO2 and toxic gas emissions  About 4 metric tons of CO2 needed to create normal plastics while just 0.8 CO2 is needed for bio-plastic creation.

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