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First Time In India Laparoscopic Surgery In Liver Done On Iraqi Women

First Time In India Laparoscopic Surgery Done On Iraqi Women

First Time In India Laparoscopic Surgery Done On Iraqi Women

A 23-year old Iraqi woman has donated a part of liver to her two-and-a-half-year-old son. The laparoscopic surgery was conducted by doctors in Gurugram hospital near Indian capital, New Delhi. The child was suffering from glycogen storage disease, a preliminary stage to liver disease and liver cirrhosis and the mother has agreed for laparoscopic surgery.

Imagine how much it is difficult to separate the body’s largest organ and blood vessels to conduct the surgery. So, the doctors need to have patience and precise enough to do without opening abdomen. This is the first case in India to donate liver through laparoscopic surgery instead of open surgery although it is common in western countries with good success rate. 

Usually, the process of removal of the liver from a donar involves high risk of bleeding in open surgey. Also, there exists minimum availability of donar organs. Vivek Vij, Director of liver Transplant at Fortis Healthcare said that the laparascopy donar will benefit more than the conventional liver transplantation.

The keyhole surgery involves clearing the veins and arteries in the liver region by making five small holes on the donar’s abdomen and inserting cameras initially. Then, using ultrasonic sutting, about 20% of the mother’s liver was cut and packed in a bag and transplanted to the child. 

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