VHP President Pravin Togadia Found Unconscious In A Park
RajastanPolice department had statedthat they had not arrested Togadia, Later that night doctors of a private hospital reported that Togadiawas found in an unconscious

Vishnu Hindu Parishad leader found In an unconscious stage.

Pravin Togadia, Leader of Vishnu Hindu Parishad had went missing on Monday. Found in a hospital today in an unconscious stage. The doctors reported he had fallen unconscious due to low sugar level and been hospitalized by a stranger and he is better now.

The supporters had protested against police department on Monday evening. The protestors had reported that his leader was missing from Monday afternoon and the police personals also have their hands in missing of Pravin Togadia. The protestors demanded the police department to locate their party’s leader soon.

This missing scene sequence had staged on after a team of Rajastan police officials checked in to Togadia’s house on Monday morning. They checked in with an arrest warrant for Togadia in a case which was dated back to 2015 against Togadia’s hate-speech against Muslim in a public meeting on 2014. But the police failed to found him and turned back with empty hands.

According to a report Togadia went missing after he left his office on 11:30 AM on Monday. Following the missing scene, late that noon rumors had started to spread, that Togadia was arrested by the police and taken in custody. But according to the police department their police team had returned without Togadia on that morning. As Togadia was not found the Rajastan Police department had stated that they had not arrested Togadia.

Later that doctors of a private hospital reported that Togadia was found in an unconscious state and been admitted in the hospital.

Today Togadia spoke to the press with tears. He said that some unspecified people was trying to suppress his voice over Ram Temple case and formers welfare measures. He also said that attempts are made by unspecified people to frame a fake case on him or to kill him in a fake encounter. He continued that he was hunted for decades old cases even though they were fake just to shut his actions down. He concluded that he will be stopped by none and his works for Hindu religion will be continued.