TTV Joins Hand With Kathiramangalam Farmers

       Published : Feb 07, 2018 11:03 IST    
 TTV Joins His Hands With Kathiramangalam Farmers TTV Joins His Hands With Kathiramangalam Farmers

Soon, Tamil Nadu will experience a regime change without an election: TTV.

TTV. Dinakaran, the candidate who made into TN assembly after winning the by-pole at R.K.Nagar constituency said there will be a change in regime without any election. He said this in a meeting with the farmers who are protesting against the ONGC's methane project for the past 264 days at Kathiramangalam.

Kathiramangalam is a village where ONGC drilled holes in the farming lands of the Cauvery basin for Coal Bed Methane project. The people of Kathiramangalam are protesting against ONGC to stop the project. The protest was raised by the people after some side effects of the project and the protest become more intense after the Jallikattu Protest. 

The people said the water bed got contaminated and become abundant too, just due to the crude oil extraction from underground water bed. The water resources and the agricultural lands are spoiled by the oil leakage from the crude oil pipes. The people also showcased their water resources filled in bottle which literally can't be consumed. They said their protest will be continued in Gandhian way until ONGC leave this place. The ONGC had drilled almost 49 wells around the Cauvery basin in Tanjavur and Nagapattinam district. The protestors protesting against the ONGC have been harassed and Lathi charged by the police departments which are to be noted.

TTV. Dinakaran continued his speech following the villagers. He said that he was there to prove his standby for the farmers protesting for their rights and future. The ONGC project can't be stopped until government take its steps to register the Cauvery basin area as a protected agriculture zone. His moral support for the farmers of Kathiramangalam will be continued always until the government fulfils their demands.

TTV met the press after the farmers meet. He said soon Tamil Nadu will face the great change in government without any election. He concluded his speech that he has no intensions for the CM seat but if he got the change for ruling, he will fill it up with a good candidate from his 18 supporters.

TTV Joins Hand With Kathiramangalam Farmers

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