TN Registration Department bans Brokers From March
Following this now the Registration Department of Tamil Nadu said, From March only the seller and the buyerwill be allowed in the office premises and no Mid-men.

Say no to Brokers here after, Registration department of Tamil Nadu banned Property Brokers inside its office premises.

Property Registration is being one of the biggest headaches in Tamil Nadu. Lot of bribery made the system corrupted to the core. If one needs to register an asset in the state, the person must have to move under the manual given by the Brokers.

The brokers were left to freely involve in any official works. This can be proved by public who experienced the corrupted protocols of the registration office now-a-days. This made the people to conclude the registration department really tough. But its process is really simple if the brokers and the bribery are not there.

Last year the Chennai High Court had concluded the registration department of Tamil Nadu is the most corrupted department of all. A huge sum of money has been ceased by the DVAC (Department of Vigilance and Anti-corruption) in their recent ride confirmed the court. It ordered the officials to take necessary actions on it. At the same time the court had also thrown ten queries for the state government and to the DGP.

Some Important court’s questions to the government are as follows: 

1) Whether the officials are really aware of the involvement of the third parties in collecting money.

2) Is there any rides conducted by the head department in last ten years? If any like that done where are the reports? Is there any officials taken under action for bribery? What are the seized total amount? 

3) What are the actions taken on the mid men or Brokers till date?

The court asked for the report from the State Government.

Following this now the Registration Department of Tamil Nadu said, from March only the seller and the buyer will be allowed in the office premises and no mid-men will be allowed in. It also warned the brokers, that sever action will be taken if anyone found inside the premises from March.