The Salary Hiking Bill of TN Ministers Was Tabled In Assembly
A bill for 90.9% salary hike of TN MLAs had been tabled on, while transport workers of the state is protesting for 2.57% hike. In the assembly today Chief Minister Edapp

Seems TN government was not worrying about its fellow people.

A bill for 90.9% salary hike of TN MLAs had been tabled on, while transport workers of the state is protesting for 2.57% hike.

Last week Transport Unions of Tamil Nadu demanded the government to hike 2.57% of their salary and to pay back their arrears amount Rs.7000 crores which was kept suspended for months. But the government refused to hike their salary and gave a reason that salary hike will results in extra expenditure for the government and it will face heavy loss.

Due to the failed negotiation the transport workers started their strike against the government last week. On the third day, the court had issued orders to the transport workers to get back to their work and also ordered the transport ministry to take severe action on those who refused to follow the orders of the court. But the transport workers refused the orders of the court and continued their strike. Then the case had been moved to separate bench, the bench ordered the government, that there should be no actions taken over the workers without any proper notice and ordered the transport ministry to clear the arrears amount as soon as possible. Now it has been six days, the strike is still on.

In the mean time, public of the state had faced enough worst consequences in the past week. Due to the strike of government transport workers public mostly depended on private transports like share autos, autos and private buses. But the private transports stabbed back them by imposing higher fair. Some of the districts made the government buses on road with truck drivers and temporary drivers for daily wages their action was failed too and resulted with many accidents.

While the transport workers are involved in dharna with their family members, a bill was tabled in TN legislation assembly claiming 90.91% of hike in MLAs salary. If the hike gets passed in today’s assembly then the salary of TN MLAs will be Rs. 1.05 lakh per month from Thursday which was Rs. 55,000 before.

The recent news from the assembly says Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswamy had announced Rs. 750 Crores of suspended arrears will be given to the retired transport workers with in the Pongal festival. He also requested the workers and opposition parties like DMK and the Left cons to end the protest.