The great conspiracy case against Amit Shah had came for hearing today
The great conspiracy case against Amit Shah had came for hearing today
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The great conspiracy case against Amit Shah had came for hearing today

Today, Bombay High court to hear the PIL against Amith Shah’s Discharge in a Fake encounter case of Sohrabuddin and death of Judge B.H.Loya.


November 23, 2005 in Gujarat, the Gujarat Police have arrested underworld mafia, arms dealer, and a criminal have links with international terror organizations Sohrabuddin  Shaikh and his wife. Three days after Shaikh had been killed in a alleged encounter and his wife had been killed and raped too, it was later found in the investigation probe. Unfortunately or fortunately the killing came to the expose of public after two years in 2007 through media by a drunken statement of police officials to a media personality. 


Along with the media report, a petition was filed by Shaikh’s brother in the court. The court ordered the Inspector General Geeta Johri for detailed investigation. Johri submitted the report directly to the court that the case had leaded her to a bigger political conspiracy. Due to the involvement of some higher political heads in the case the case had been transferred to the CBI. Later the CBI submitted number of witnesses and narrative of killing with their further investigation. 


The case came to the special CBI Bench with the arrest of Amit Shah, BJP’s National President and Rajya Sabha member addition to many State’s Senior Police officials and Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi had been kept under Subsection by the CBI. The special CBI bench had its head as B.H.Loya in the case but mysteriously Loya had died in heart attack in 2014. After the death of Loya, Amit Shah had been released from the case on December 30, 2014. Loya’s family had filed a petition to reveal the conspiracy in his death while probing the case against Shah.


Following the death of Loya, a Public Interest litigate (PIL) had been forwarded by lawyers of Mumbai to the Mumbai high court that came to hearing today. The PIL requested the court to question the CBI "why they had not appealed against release of Amit Shah in the order of court?" and the PIL asked the court to order the CBI to make appeal against Amit Shah’s release in the case. Also, the court should order the death case of Loya should be submitted under the head of retired judge. The death case of Loya is currently under the Supreme Court, to be noted.  


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