Telungu Desam To Break Its Alley With BJP

       Published : Feb 02, 2018 15:47 IST    
 Telungu Desam To Break Its Alley With BJP Telungu Desam To Break Its Alley With BJP

Following the Shiv Sena, Telungu Desam party making decision over breaking its bond with BJP.

Chandra Babu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and Chief of Telungu Desam party had called for an intra party meeting on February 4, 2018. Report of media said, the union budget which proposed by the central on February 1, 2018 had created Chief Minister Naidu to have a strong disaffection with the central government. The meeting has been arranged to make decision over Telungu Desam party's bond with BJP.

While asking T.G. Venkatesh, Member of Parliament from Telungu Desam about the meeting he said, Union Budget proposed by the central government had given nothing to Andhra Pradesh. The allocation which made for Andhra Pradesh was not enough for the state. The budget had fired up a rage against the central ruling BJP and their alley.

He continued that the central had left them with only three choices to be made. They have to try even harder, their MPs have to resign from their designations or they have to break the BJP's alley. Telungu Desam had declared war against the central government, said T.G. Venkatesh.

According to the members of Telungu Desam, the union budget proposed allocations for AP but its not good enough to make contribute for some big projects like Pollavaram, financial assistance for new capital Amaravathi, railway zone.

Though Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu had traveled to the countries capital for explaining his expectations to the Union Ministers and the Prime Minister the TDP had left off with empty handed. Central had been neglected AP and ignored TDP completely. The budget which neglected the TDP and Andhra Pradesh had created a strong wave in TDP and BJP alley.        

Telungu Desam To Break Its Alley With BJP

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