Tamil Nadu will be Saffronised soon
Its not the first activity of the RSS in Tamil nadu, some posters and banners have been kept all over Tamil Nadu, shouting that TN will be saffronized soon.

Re-entry of RSS in Tamil Nadu. Whether TN became patriotic to saffron’s policy?

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) is well known for its communal clashes in North India. There will be 90% chance for a riot, if RSS plans for a march over there. Hence the Dravidian rulers from ADMK and DMK of Tamil Nadu had not permitted RSS marching or camping in the Tamil Nadu. 

On Sunday (January 28, 2018), RSS had marked its direct stepping in Tamil Nadu by arranging its uniform march in Chennai. The march began from Shri. Natesan Vidhyalaya School, Manivaakam of Chennai with 2500 volunteers. A spokesperson from the RSS said about the march of RSS state wing with its volunteers was to mark the calender coincident of 150th birth anniversary of Swami. Vivekananda disciple Nivethitha and RSS’s founders day. H.Raja had participated in the RSS meeting in RSS uniform. Comedy actor Visu also participated in the meet along with Raja also to be noted.

Prakash, coordinator of the state’s RSS wing said about the march, that Tamil Nadu was a land of spirituality revolving with the principles of Alvars and Andal. "Somewhere, someone  said bad about Andal is an action of dividing us and we Hindus came back to mark our unity with this march", Prakash said. 

RSS discovered their lost entry pass after 13 years while Tamil Nadu revolving with the recent controversies of Poet Vairamuthu’s speech about Andal and Vijayendhar insult to Tamil Thai Vazhthu. Seems, the RSS had utilized the chance very well. 

They got permission for a march from EPS and OPS government following the court order. The activities of RSS state wing had been increased after the demise of former Chief Minister, J. Jayalalitha.

It is not the first activity of the RSS in Tamil Nadu, some posters and banners have been kept all over Tamil Nadu, shouting that "TN will be saffronized soon, only Hindus deserve India". This slogan can create a communal misunderstanding among people.

Some commentaries are arising from TN people according to the re-entry of RSS. That the faces of TN people are being shaded with saffron in the name of religion. A religious spine fence will be built between Tamil Nadu’s zones of friendship with every religion, if the people got the acceptance of saffron’s policies.