Seeman Meets Kamal Haasan At His Residence

       Published : Feb 20, 2018 14:47 IST    
Naam Thamizhar Seeman met Kamal Haasan in his house Naam Thamizhar Seeman met Kamal Haasan in his house

Seeman had meeting with Kamal Haasan today in his residence.

Actor Kamal Haasan had declared previously that his political party's name and policies will be announced by him on February 21, 2018. The arrangements for the announcement and his political journey are already been done and he likely to start his journey by tomorrow from Ramnad district. Following his journey, actor and politician Seeman who was the coordinator of 'Naam Thamizhar' political party had met Kamal Haasan at his residency today.

The meet had been commenced by Seeman for congratulating Kamal Haasan for his new political party. Later a short meet Kamal and Seeman gave interview to the press. In that Seeman said, Kamal Haasan had made his step into the politics while people are expecting a mass change in their life.

He continued that, the political journey of Kamal Haasan will prevail for long time because a good starting is a corner stone for half victory; Kamal Haasan has just done that. He finally concluded with an answer to a question raised by press about allying with Kamal Haasan. He said "now I was here to wish him a good luck for his political journey, time and people will decide about our ally".

Kamal Haasan said to the press about the meeting that Seeman don't have any idea of joining hands with him as he had not yet released his motives and policies of his political party.

Kamal also answered a question of a press person about his unwillingness to meet any ADMK leaders where he met many political leaders in the past week. He said that he was not interested in meeting any ruling ADMK leaders that he was constantly keep complaining them that they are unfit for governing a state. 

Seeman Meets Kamal Haasan At His Residence

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