Rajasekaran said that TTV distributed Rs 20 as a token to the voters
Dinakaransupporter sharedtheir team secret. Team members planned to distribute Rs. 20 astokensto receive moneyfor vote. Also the treatment video leaked by Dinakaran

Dinakaran supporter shared their team secret in public meeting.

We got victory in R.K.Nagar only after we distributed the Rs.20 as a Token: Dinakaran supporter Rajasekaran former M.L.A.


TTV Dinakaran had successfully stepped in to the assembly by winning the by-poll of R.K.Nagar recently. Though many leaders opposed his victory as it was corrupted winning.


Rajasekaran, former M.L.A and Southern Trichy district’s secretory of Dinakaran’s team had fueled up the fire over the R.K.Nagar by-poll.


In a meeting held by Dinakaran supporters at Musuri, Trichy district, Rajasekaran said every parties that participated in the R.K.Nagar by-poll distributed Rs.1000 per head to the voters so Dinakaran and his higher level team members planned to distribute Rs.20 as tokens to receive money for their vote to TTV.


Former CM Jayalalitha’s treatment video leaked by Dinakaran’s supporter Vetrivel which was the plan of Dinakaran. Dinakaran had forced Vetrivel to publish the video when Vetrivel first refused to do so, said Rajasekaran in the meeting. Rajasekaran also convicted that, he was also there in the place while Dinakaran gave the video clip to Vetrivel. 


The speech of Rajasekaran had boosted up the confusions in the by-poll. But Dinakaran had refused the speech of his supporter in his press statement given by him at Karur.