File image of Anshu Prakash Chief Secretary
Chief Minister Kejriwal Office had completely made objection to the CS allegation. It also stated that the discussion was not about any type of advertisement, it was abou

CMO refuses the Chief Secretary Allegation on AAP MLAs are totally Outlandish and unproven.

Anshu Prakash, Chief Secretary of Delhi had lodged a complaint to the L-G as he was allegedly manhandled by two AAP MLAs at Arvind Kejriwal’s residence on Monday night. He lodged a complaint over Ajay Dutt and Prakash Jharwal. 

Anshu Prakash said that he was mishandled by the two MLAs while discussing about releasing of an advertisement. Later he walked out from Chief Minister’s house immediately, he said in the complaint.

Chief Minister’s office had completely made objection to the CS’s allegation. It also stated that the discussion was not about any type of advertisement, it was about incomplete distribution of ration cards with Adhaar number in large scale. While discussing the ration topic, the CS had not answered any question properly but instead he said that he was answerable only to the L-G not for everyone and he also used some bad languages towards some MLAs later he left the discussion.

CMO reports concluded that the allegation of Anshu Prakash was completely outlandish and unproven which was directed by the BJP’s command against AAP rule. 

The statement given by both CMO and CS Anshu Prakash show a serious line of encrypted drama. But the CCTV footage of CM house just shows the departure of CS by foot.

Following this BJP, Congress and some AAP MLA have made their opposition statement against AAP government and Kejriwal. MLA OP Sharma, BJP leader of Delhi advised the CS to file a FIR against those AAP MLAs. Seems, the opposite parties are bracing themselves for utilizing the issue by blowing oxygen to the burning flame.