Makkal Needhi Maiam Condemns Board Exams For 8th and 5th Grade
Makkal Needhi Maiam Condemns Board Exams For 8th and 5th Grade
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Makkal Needhi Maiam Condemns Board Exams For 8th and 5th Grade

Kamal’s MNM condemns the public exam timetable announcement of the TN education department.
To develop the education standards of the Tamil Nadu students, the Tamil Nadu Education Department announced the time table for 5 and 8 standard public exams on 28 November.  If they fail in it, they will be given two months to pass or have to study the same standard until they pass. Many educationalists and political parties have condemned these exams for the kids. MNM or the Makkal Needhi Maiam party of Kamal has now issued a press release asking the government to roll back the exams for the kids.
The Tamil Nadu education department released the timetable for the 5th and 8th standards students for all schools in Tamil Nadu. Only the CBSE school students can now have no public exams for the two standards. In spite of stiff opposition from its initial talk of implementation, the government has announced it now. Education minister Sengottaiyan says it is only to upgrade the studying standards of the students.  He also said that the students or the parents need not worry about public exams.
Kamal’s MNM party in its press release today condemned the exams and asked the government not to conduct them. The release highlights many facts of the exams including
In the name of upgrading the students’ educational standards, these exams only make the fundamental right of their education into a burden.
There is no alternate thought to improve the educational standard of children, but without changing the study materials and their standards, only valuating the children’s standard is only a mystery thinking.
A world-class education for our kids is also the wish of MNM, but it vehemently opposes putting the responsibility of it on the kids’ heads.
The fact that improved standards can be had only by improving the curriculum and modern teaching methods and not by evaluating the kids by exams should be well understood by those ruling the state.
As the leader of MNM Kamal said a big rock should not be placed on the dragonfly and the exams should not be conducted for the kids
Most of the Tamil Nadu people also are worried about their children’s future with the announcement of these exams. The worst of it is, these kids, mostly from rural areas, do not even know what a public exam is. And retaining them in 5th and 8th  standards may discontinue their studies and make our Tamil society an illiterate one soon.

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