Kamal meets A P J Abdul Kalam family at Rameshwaram
Actor Kamal Haasan and a part time politician now turned as a full time politician. As previously announced, Kamal Haasan started his political journey from former Presid

House of Kalam gave birth to Kamal Haasan’s new avatar as politician.

Actor Kamal Haasan and a part time politician now turned as a full time politician. As previously announced, Kamal Haasan started his political journey from former President Hon. APJ Abdul Kalam residence at Rameshwaram, Today on February 21, 2018. Politician Kamal Haasan is provided with a new name called ‘Nammavar’ among his followers. We and our team wishing good luck to his journey. 

Here are the updates of Kamal Haasan today. 

Kamal Haasan Run

Time After 4:30 PM.

Kamal had directly headed to Madurai to receive Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal from Madurai Airport. As already said Kamal was running out of time henceforth he skipped one of his meeting which was scheduled to be conducted at Manamadhurai.

Chief Minister of New Delhi Arvind Kejriwal arrived at Madurai Airport around 5 PM. Kamal Haasan and the district collector Veera Ragavendhra Rao have received him from the Airport. Tamil Nadu AAP supporters have gathered over there to mark their support. 

The preparations at Othakadai ground where kamal Haasan planned to hoist his party flag and declare the name of his political party seems over flown with human heads and drum sets before his arrival.  

Time: 2: 50 Pm

Kamal Haasan now reached his home town Paramakudi. He visited his home town after two decades. He addressed the people of his home town without stepping down from his car as he was running out of time for his meeting at Madurai. But he made a short addressing note to the people who are waiting to hear his briefing even in the hot noon.  

Time: 1:15 Pm

Kamal Haasan arrived to Ramnad on his way to Madurai. There he addressed the rally that arranged as a part of Kamal’s visit to the place after 45 years. He said that it was almost 45 years gone since he left this town. Town had changed a lot but people and their love remains the same. He said that he was a not an actor any more, but he was a lamp for household and to ignite the lamp was the responsibility of people. 

Time: 12:00 Pm 

Politician Kamal Haasan reached the memorial of Former President Hon.APJ Abdul Kalam to pay his deputes to him.  He started moving out from the Island towards Madurai and he had planned to set up public meetings in three places on his way. According to that his next destination is Ramnad.

Time: 10:30 Am 

Kamal Haasan reached the stage to address the press and he also kept his promise by inviting the leaders of fishermen community. Kamal Haasan said that he can be prevented from entering Kalam’s school but no one can able to prevent him from learning . He gave a strong reply for those who prevented him from entering Kalam School through the press meet.

Bose, Representative of Rameshwaram fishermen community addressed the pains and sufferings of their people by both Indian and Sri Lankan government and he wished that they will join hands with Kamal Haasan if he really intended to make changes in their lives. When the representatives wanted to honor Kamal Hassan with shawl, he refused it as he had no belief in those honor, Instead he gave a warm hug to those representatives. 

He said, today, it is the International Mother language Day, hence he chosen the day as a peculiar day to start his political journey.  He continued that there was no politics in visiting Kalam’s House and the school where he studied once, but the simple patriotism of Kalam seems more inspiring. He said that now he like to live in the house of every Tamils, where he once lived in their hearts.

He confirmed once again, the CM of New Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is attending the party launching meeting in the evening. And the CM of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu had contacted him in the morning and wished him a good luck and he also said, Naidu advised him to prepare a list of needs and requirements of people instead of making policies.  

He answered to a press personality’s question about the difference he realized between cinema and politics. He sadi that he felt no difference between both because both are about people, but the responsibility in politics is little bigger.

Time: 9: 30 AM 

Kamal took the stage to address the fishermen of Rameshwaram. He said that he was glad to meet one of the important industry of Tamil Nadu. But it is more important for him to know the queries of that important industries and he will be back on the stage soon again to get their advice. He also requested the fishermen to join his party launch and flag hoisting meeting.

Media reports said that Kamal Haasan was running late that he was supposed to meet fishermen on  8:45 AM but he took over the stage on 9:30 AM. Public who attended the meeting said the media and fans have covered the stage completely and they have given no chance to interact with Kamal Haasan. According to the schedule of kamal Haasan, school of Abdul Kalam was his second destination but government had prevented him entering the school through order as RSS like groups emerged out with strong opposition.

Time: 7:45 AM 
He arrived Kalam’s house at 7:45 AM and got wishes from Kalam’s family members. Kamal Haasan presented some books and a watch to the brother of Kalam as memory. Then he had breakfast with the family and departed from there with some great wishes of them. 

Kamal tweeted while his way to meet the fishermen he said "Greatness comes from simple beginning. Actually it comes only from simplicity. Glad to start my journey from a great man’s simple abode".