Kamal Haasan Party Launch Speech Highlights
Highlights of Kamal Haasan Speech in his Makkal Needhi Maiam Party launch at Madurai
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Kamal Haasan Party Launch Speech Highlights

Kamal Haasan had hoisted the flag of his political party and later he declared the party’s name to the crowd. The first addressing of the meeting had started from the Chief Minister of New Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and later Kamal Haasan took the stage before the crowd. The whole speech went like a conversation but his speech had clearly highlighted the whole event in which Kamal Haasan went through the whole day. 

Some of the important points from Kamal Hassan’s speech have been highlighted below.

Kamal Haasan started to address the crowd with a phrase that "Now I am witnessing a small troop of our total force for battle for Justice, which we have just started". He literally meant that he had just declared a war against the ruling and already ruled governments to bring the order of Justice.

He said, why he is there on the stage and why the political party for a social service? Kamal Haasan and his cadres are involving in social service for the past 37 years but they have faced a bunch of oppositions and threats for their service. Still now he and his team are facing oppositions from many people who got the power of ruling. Now he felt depressed about him and about the people who are still trapped in undeveloped condition by some ruling people and he wanted to change it. He said that the "past may get passed but never be forgotten".

He stated, a powerful education will be the main Moto of Makkal Needhi Maiam. A powerful education that reaches every child is the first destination of the party, Kamal shouted to the crowd. The game that was played by the previous politicians in the name of Cast and Religion will be completely eradicated, he assured to the crowd.

Always the people will be the heroes for this party because the party sincerely started for that purpose, Kamal Haasan said.

He said the party won’t lean on either sides of Right and left but the party has the capability of drawing strength and good advices from the both side. Hence the party name consist itself (Maiam) the center.

Kamal Haasan answered some questions from the public through letters that posted in the question box kept by the party members of Makkal Needhi Maiam at the venue. 

Kamal Haasan assured that the party he created will be sustainable for at least three to four generations but the seat of power will be permanently given to none. "The bat will be handed over to the next runner" he answered to a question that how long will he be sustainable in the political career and how he will be hopeful for the public.

Kamal Haasan asked everyone to join with him to eradicate the rule of scam as he can’t do that change alone. He pinned the point of eradicating the scam is a responsibility of everyone. Seems he again indirectly insisted his frequently used phrase "Be the change that you wanted to be" a famous line said by Mahatma Gandhi.

He said the Makkal Needhi Maiam won’t support for the rule of "Quarter and Scooter" rule. He said that as an answer for a question. But probably it may be the direct critics over the present ADMK government.

He said that he like to make everything in actions instead of answering all the critics. This answer he gave for a question about some very recent critics poured on him, by some political leaders of Tamil Nadu, that he is a Bonsai which shows its growth, a very little and as a mutated seed that should not be seeded on the Tamil soil.

Totally the first political meeting of Kamal Haasan had become a best political meeting with his speech and attitude with the people. He also assured, from that evening Tamil Nadu can expect for these like meetings frequently.

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