Kamal Haasan On Streets Rajinikanth On peaks

Kamal Haasan On Streets Rajinikanth On peeks. Image Credit:Wikimedia Commons

Kamal Haasan again on Tamil Nadu’s Streets While Rajinikanth off to the Himalayas.

Makkal Needhi Maiam president Kamal Haasan again started his tour across Tamil Nadu. He officially declared the name and flag of his political Party on February 21 in Madurai. As he announced before, his political journey across Tamil Nadu has begun its next part after 21st February 

Today on Saturday Kamal Haasan is running over the western districts of Tamil Nadu namely Erode Tirupur Coimbatore. Kamal Haasan touched down in Coimbatore today by clearing the Air around noon for a two-day political tour around Coimbatore. 

Tamil Nadu’s two veteran actors were stepped into the politics simultaneously in the starting of 2018. One person is making his moves better rapidly. But on other hands, one person seems still filling up the base for strengthening. 

When Kamal Haasan making all his trips around Tamil Nadu as politics, while Rajinikanth flew off to the Himalayas as a 15 days trip. But it made no surprises as he was a spiritualistic personality. Even though he is a politician in recent times he may also have prayers and peacefulness to gain from god, that should not be concerned ever. But unfortunately his "Thank you" had made the press personalities and Tv channels to consider a debate.

On Friday while Rajinikanth on his way to the Himalayas. He met the press at the Chennai Airport but left with a simple Thank you for reporters’ questions. A reporter questioned about the poor women secureness in Tamil Nadu by citing the murder of 34 years old Usha of Trichy who died by slipping off from the bike while driving, when a traffic inspector kicked the bike. The question is one of the most sensitive questions in recent times that reporters used to throw on every political personality. But Rajinikanth refused to answer the question and left the place with a word ‘Vanakkam’ Thank You. Is that a, that much harsh question for a newly emerging politician on whom the people got huge expectation? However, his response had filled up with troll memes and tweets in the Social Media.

However, the clash between the fans of Kamal and Rajinikanth seems time traveling to ages. Their political entry has just changed its course from the path of Cinema to Politics.  

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