Kamal Haasan Meets CPM Leader Nallakannu

       Published : Feb 17, 2018 18:21 IST    
Kamal Haasan Meets CPM Leader Nallakannu

Kamal Haasan spotted at the house of CPI leader Nallakkannu with Hey Ram novel.

The recent political entry of Kamal  Haasan and Rajinikanth had created more than enough expectations, critics and curiosities. But Kamal Haasan seems clear in his norms about what he wants and what he don't.

Rajinikanth had his own critics for his very first statement about 'Spiritual politics'. Kamal Haasan got his fame by exploding his idea of negative alley with Rajinikanth in his recent interview at Harvard, by pointing out a reason of Rajini and saffronization.

After Kamal Haasan declared his different ways of imagination and future plans of governance Like 'Nalai Namadhey', a state wide tour, adopting villages, etc... the political fame over him seems pushed up a little.

Today Kamal Haasan was spotted in Tamil Nadu Communist Party's one of the elder member and its leader Nallakannu's house. As the story about the actor's activities that nearly compared to leftism is well familiar. Now a meet with Nallakannu had only boosted up the mystery. Kamal Hassan gifted the CPM leader a script book named 'Hay Ram' and in a return Kamal Haasan was gifted with a documentary Novel 'Keezhadi' by Nallakannu, who was also the author of that book.

They two met the press after their personal meet. Nallakannu said that this meet was not about politics but it was about a moment of honor as Kamal intended to start a political party. 

Kamal Haasan said that he met the CPI leader because he believe in drawing strength from the meeting of honest people in the society. Not only the lefts he have decided to meet the Rights and many others, he concluded.

Kamal Haasan Meets CPM Leader Nallakannu

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