Kamal Haasan Harvard School Speech
He said that he was not there for money but for the ideas of everyone for re imagining the society, re imagining Tamil Nadu and possibly re imagining India. He asked to..

Kamal Haasan expressed his way of re-imagination of Tamil Nadu at Harvard.

Kamal Haasan, a veteran Indian actor had given a short opening speech at Harvard Kennedy School as a politician. The speech showed his political vision and mission for creating a better Tamil Nadu. Some important points are to be noted in his speech which stole the hearts over there.

He started his speech in a daring way that he came from a global village called Tamil Nadu which was also considered as part of India, nothing more and nothing less. 

Tamil Nadu will be proudly known for its rich heritage, architectures, cultural management and many things but now "All is not well". The word he said precisely criticized the politics and social economy of the state.

He dared to sprang over the politicians for their unwanted spending of public money and their apathy shown in the financial management of the state by pointing out the hike in states’ gross deficit in the year 2016-17 which made state to stand for third place in the country.

He expressed the way of governance with some words of Mahatma Gandhi "If the villages perish, India will perish too". Hence he decides to adopt a village in every district to make them a model for the whole state by reconstructing them.

He said the adoptions will be simultaneously done by his state wide tour which is to be started on February 21 as he stated already in his past meetings. 

He said the only intension for the adoption is to make those villages well furnished in every field like socially, ecologically, economically technologically and educational skilling which are known as the key qualities for a healthy society.

One village will be adopted first to show the ability of an imagination, later it will be scaled up with many. A small move can make a large difference. As like that, this small move will serve as a starting step in the formation of strong Tamil Nadu as well as strong India as he believe in that.

He added that he was not there for money but for the ideas of everyone for re-imagining the society, re-imagining Tamil Nadu and possibly re-imagining India. He doesn’t need theories but an immediate action, which the people forgot to do long back and now suffering for that.

He concluded his maiden speech that he was just a tool for people use. He asked to sharpen him, shape him to sculpt a modern village. 

The main thing that created a shock wave on the day was his answer for a question about joining hands with Rajinikanth asked by Barkha Dutt in an one and one interview. He said in his own way of answering which need to be heard again and again for its details.  He answered "Rajinikanth’s very first statement had colored him with a hue. I hope it’s not saffron". He means that the alliance would be long lasting dream if Rajini’s hue is saffron.