The flag of Kamal Haasan new political party
He also tweeted after the declaration of Party name that Makkal Needhi Maiam is here to stay and to achieve the change which the people are expecting for a long time. He

Kamal Haasan, covered not only the stage but all of the hearts of Madurai.

The veteran actor of Tamil Nadu who was well known as ‘Ulaga Naayagan’ Kamal Haasan now turned as a real time politicians on February 21, 2018. He declared his political party name and hoisted his party’s flag on Wednesday evening at Othakadai Ground of Madurai, one of the hottest places of Tamil Nadu. Though it was Kamal Haasan’s first public political meeting, he grabbed a huge crowd for him, that really made the day. 

He hoisted his party’s flag which seems completely different from the past years of Tamil Nadu politics. The flag furls out with hands in White and Red color that grabbing one another to form a circle and a six faced white star in the center of those hands. The whole image took a white back ground seems highlighting the image. He also explained the meaning of that flag later on the stage, that the six hands in White and Red shows the unity of six south Indian states and the star in the core points out the people of those states as heroes. 

Later on the stage after hoisting the flag, he declared his party name saying that was a party for people and party formed by people and that party name was "Makkal Needhi Maiam" (MNM). He had shown a way of future politics in a complete different course from the past politics of Tamil Nadu. If the name of the party translated to English, surely it’ll sound like a big change that blasted from the past, that the "People Justice Centre". The name also suggests the Moto of the party, that the Maiam stands for both ‘Centre’ and ‘Center’. Literally ‘Maiam’ the center, stands to show the party’s position between the Rights and the Lefts.

He also tweeted after the declaration of Party name that Makkal Needhi Maiam was here to stay and to achieve the change that people are expecting for a long time. Also he asked the people to guide him to serve them.