Jayalalithas treatment related documents had been submitted

Jayalalitha treatment related documents had been submitted
Jayalalitha treatment related documents had been submitted

Former Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha’s treatment related documents had been submitted to the  inquiry table. 

The inquiry commission was created by high court to verify the death of former Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha. The commission had confirmed that V.K.Sasikala and her nephew TTV. Dinakaran are under one roof of suspicion for why they are maintaining the secrecy in the death of Jayalalitha. The commission was headed by Justice Arumugasamy is to be noted. 

More controversially the treatment video of Jayalalitha had been released on a day before the polling date at R.K. NAGAR. The video was released by P.Vetrivel, a political assistant of TTV.Dinakaran said, he done this for his own violation and not consulted with anyone. A 20 seconds video that shows Jayalalitha was sitting on the bed and drinking juice by her own had created so many confusions and controversies in this case. 

The commission had summoned TTV. DINAKARAN to submit the documents related to the treatment of J.Jayalalitha last week. Following the order of the commission, today a pen drive was submitted to the table by Raja Senthorpandiyan, lawyer of TTV Dinakaran.

MLA, TTV.Dinakaran met the press at Swamymalai, near Kumbakonam and stated that "The people of Tamil Nadu will kick out the government they dislike, this will happen as soon as possible". He said that he was going to speak about not only the problems faced by the people of R.K.NAGAR and also the problems facing by the farmers of KATHIRAMANGALAM in the upcoming assembly. The people of Tamil Nadu have ready to pull down the government soon.

In a recent interview given by TTV.Dinakaran he clearly stated his opinion about joining hands with BJP. He said "He don’t stick with BJP it won’t happen now or ever". He extended we won’t join with the party like BJP which insist religious politics among people.