IT officials Found 70 Fake Companies In Poes Garden Raid

Found 70 Fake Companies In Poes Garden Raid
Found 70 Fake Companies In Poes Garden Raid

Income Tax official announced they have found 70 fake companies during the raid at Jayalalitha’s residence at Poes garden. They have raided 5 rooms including secretary Ponkundran room, Sasikala’s 4 rooms. The officers said they did not raid Jayalalitha’s room.

As per the reports, they have found several documents and jewels and cash in the raid. The investigations on these are under way. They have sent summon to Jaya’s and Sasikala’s relatives for further inquiry.

Several IT officials raided the TTV Dhinakaran and Sasikala’s relative houses last week. Following these Jaya’s residence was also raided last Friday. Protest rose from the AIADMK supporters for this raid.

The authorities are said to have captured pen drives and laptops. Tax evasion made by them was monitored closely by the IT department. Almost 15 bank accounts were closed and investigations on this are carried out after this raid.

It is reported that the IT official did not seek the help of paramilitary force since they got sufficient support and information from police department.

They say if there are any documents found on the foreign investments investigations will be continued on those things too. If it is needed, officials are ready to get permission from court to inquire Sasikala and Ilavarasi.