Do Not dream About Kaveri Water Make Use Of Sea Water
If they only need water ofKaveri, it is an impossible thing. There are to many dramas playing around the Kaveri sharing.S Swamy continued, if the Chief Minister of Tami

Tamil Nadu should not dream about Kaveri water: BJP’s MP, Subramaniyan Swamy.

The long term crisis between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu on Kaveri water sharing seems no end. Subramaniyan Swamy, an MP from BJP had openly said in a press meet that, if Tamil people need water they will have it by desalinating the Bay of Bengal but they insist Karnataka to give the water of Kaveri and there is no chance of light on it. If they only need water of Kaveri, it is an impossible thing. There are too many dramas playing around the Kaveri sharing.

He continued, "if the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Edappadi. K. Palaniswamy don’t have any idea about desalination, let him ask to me about that. I can able to prefer some good ideas and built some desalinating machines along the sea shore".

Kaveri is largest river of south India and third largest river of India. Though it originates from Thalakaveri of Western ghats in Karnataka the river flows in largest part in Tamil Nadu state and drains in Bay of Bengal. The river flows in three states and one union state Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pudhucherry.

The Kaveri water plays the major role for irrigation and drinking purpose that helps in the survival of around 4,000 hectors on its way to sea. But conflicts and riots have been lifted up in the past decades in the name of Kaveri. Both states need the water of Kaveri but refuses to share may be due to politics.

Kaveri Tribunal has been set by the Indian Government when they noticed the issue between two states but the tribunal had only boosted the violence. Still the case over the Kaveri water is on the table of Supreme Court. It seems the Supreme Court looking for hard time to find solution for the Issue. Poverty and violence will play major roles in the death of poor formers until the Supreme Court finds the solution.

Now the words of central ruling party’s MP had created a huge sadness and rage among the people of Tamil Nadu. But Tamil Nadu BJP Chief, Dr. Tamilisai Soundarrajan had stated that the central ruling BJP is working hard to get Kaveri water in Tamil Soil. Two different statements of two persons of same party is peak of their drama. Apart from the Kaveri issue, there are several politics that play the major role in the deaths of poor formers.