DMK Called For ALL Party Meeting On February 23

       Published : Feb 19, 2018 15:06 IST    
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DMK Invites ADMK and BJP for all parties meeting on Cauvery verdict.

Supreme Court pronounced its verdict over the long term crisis of Cauvery dispute problem between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu on last week Friday. The court reduced the amount of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu by citing the reason of Karnataka's drinking water crisis of the year and said there are no rights for any state to own an inter-state river, as an advice to both states. 

The court ordered that the Karnataka will get 270 tmc water, which is now 14.75 tmc higher than the previous amount allocated by the Cauvery Disputes Tribunal. Tamil Nadu will get 404.25 tmc which it was 419 tmc previously. When Karnatakas were overjoyed about the verdict but the hard time felt over the heads of Tamil Nadu where poor farmers and their crops are charring in severe drought. The court had not changed the allotment of Pudhuchery and Kerala.

Now DMK had called for an 'All Party Meeting' on February 23, 2018 for discussing about the Supreme Court's verdict on Cauvery dispute under its head. Only the allies of DMK have been invited to the meeting but later DMK sent invitations to ADMK and BJP through letter. 

DMK's leader M K Stalin had said that they are ready to welcome both BJP and ADMK with warm heart if they accept the invitation of meeting. He continued DMK has no intention of making politics while it comes to serve the people. It is the responsibility of the ruling party to arrange the 'All party Meeting' for the Cauvery crisis but DMK the opposite party of the state had taken the responsibility in hands, M K Stalin concluded his speech with a strong criticism over ADMK.  

Latest Update: DMK leader M K Stalin confirms that the 'All Party Meeting' which was organized by DMK had been suspended as the ruling ADMK decided to organize the meeting on 23. 2. 2018. ADMK had sent invitations to DMK and other parties.

DMK Called For ALL Party Meeting On February 23

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