Court is to pronounce judgement on another fodder case of Lalu

Court is to pronounce judgement on another fodder case of Lalu

Court to extend the time for Lalu to count the iron bars in jail. 


Lala Prasad Yadhav Leader of Rashtriya Janadha dal (RJD) had been sentenced to 3 1/2 years jail in a fodder scam on January 6. He had been taken behind the bars of Prasa Munda prison at Ranchi. Lalu’s family and RJD cedars have appealed against the verdict in SC. 


Now again the court decided to pronounce the verdict for another fodder scam for Lalu and 56 others who involved in the scam. A petition had been filed on Lalu and 76 other for scamming huge money while providing cattle feed for Rs. 33.67 crores when Lalu was the Chief Minister of Bihar in the year between 1992-93.


A special CBI court under the head of S.S. Prasad is intended to pronounce the judgment in the case for 56 accused including Lalu. The case had been started with accusing 76 members, 14 were died since date when the case in on progress, 2 were gone underground and police is still trying to locate them, 3 were convicted to the case. Now the case had been over the remaining 55 and Lalu.


To be noted, the case hearing had confirmed 6 politicians, 6 treasury officers and 3 IAS officers have been involved in the case and 40 government officials, contractors etc.


Lalu had involved in about 6 fodder scam cases till it the third case were the court is to pronounce judgment today.    


Latest update: The court had pronounced 5 years jail sentence for Lalu and former Chief Minister Jagannath Mishra in fodder scam case.

Lalu sentenced to 5 years jail in his first fodder scam case and 3 1/2 years in second and 5 years in third. 

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