Again actor Prakash Raj speech caught in the eyes of storm
Prakashanswered his question that he was not against Hindutuva, he was against Modi, Hedge and AmitShahandpeople who are encouraging killing are not Hindu.

I’m not an Anti-Hindu, I’m an Anti-Modi, i’m an anti-Hedge, I’m an Anti-Amit Shah, they are not Hindus: Actor Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj is one of the most celebrated actors of South Indian film Industry and also a leftist thinker had smashed the leaders of BJP with his fire speech. Prakash Raj took part in a panel discussion in India Today South conclave under the anchorship of Rahul Kanwal. Actor Vishal, director Sasidharan and writer Kancha Illaiah also presented in the discussion panel.

On that panel Rahul Kanwal raised a question to Mr. Raj about his discrimination by BJYM workers by sprinkling cow urine (Divine Gomuthra) on the event stage where he gave a speech and also his criticization as Anti-Hindu.

Prakash answered his question that he was not against Hindutuva, he was against Modi, Hedge and Amit Shah and people who are encouraging killing are not Hindu. He also answered to a question raised by a BJP spokesperson from the audience side, "People who celebrated the murder of journalist and my friend Gowri Lankesh are followed by PM Modi, then i will say people who are supporting violence and killing are not Hindu"  

This is not the first time he criticized Prime Minister openly. He already did this when his friend and writer Gowri Lankesh had murdered by a group of mobs on last year October. He commented Modi and Yogi Adithyanath are deserved to get a national award for their acting silence in Gowri Lankesh’s murder is to be noted.

Prakash Raj even shared this on his twitter handle stating "BJP workers cleaning and purifying the stage ..from where I spoke in Sirsi town …by sprinkling cow urine (divine gomoothra)…will you continue this cleaning and purification service where ever I go….. #justasking".