Saffron Colour Highlighted A Police Station In UP
Saffron Colour Highlighted A Police Station In UP
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Saffron Colour Highlighted A Police Station In UP

A Police station in Uttar Pradesh was coloured in Saffron by Saffron Rule of Adithyanath. The saffron, which crayoned on Haj office, now splashed on Police Station too.

Uttar Pradesh is under the rule of central ruling party BJP. Yogi Adithyanath, Chief Minister of UP is one of the important cadres of the BJP seems always fond of the Saffron colour. As he always seen to be wore Saffron now he trying to change the state the same way.

An old Police station in the capital of the state had been painted with saffron on some of its parts. This happened after a day, the Haj office which was crayoned with Saffron had been coloured back to white again.

The 80-years old Qaiser Bagh Police station had now accepted a hug of Saffron with cream background on some of it pillars and portico. While inspecting about this the Inspector-in-charge D.K.Upadyaya said, the renovating works are under process nearly for two months and still not yet completed.

The saffron colour over UP had spread widely on Government buildings, Public Transport, The Lal Bahdhur Shastri Bhawan which has the Chief Minister’s office and The Secretariat too.

According to some of colour issues in UP, All India Shia Personal Board said, the politics done in the name of colour should be stopped. Many opposition parties in UP had condemned the colour rule of Adhithyanath in the state.

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