Pinarayi Vijayan Praises North Korean Dictator

       Published : Jan 08, 2018 22:09 IST    
Pinarayi Vijayan Praises North Korean Dictator Pinarayi Vijayan Praises North Korean Dictator

Seems, CPI had also accepted Pinarayi Vijayan's statement through its silentness.

Pinarayi vijayan, Kerala's Chief Minister's statement on North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un had left every one in surprised shock. He said North Korea's resistance against America's imperialist moves are great. The country had facing strong offense from American forces better than communist ruled China. He added in a CPM committee meeting at Kozhikodu. He also said North Korea had tough Anti-US stand.

When asked to the CPI General secretory S. Sudhakar Reddy about Vijayan's statement against US, he said that he don't like to comment on Vijayan's statement. He also added "why should he have to approve or disapprove Vijayan's statements?". Reddy also said "The American leaders should take the complete responsibility for this type of reactions from North Korean Leaders. China had not faced much pressure from America while comparing to North Korea."

This address over Kim took place after the twitter war between Donal Trump and Kim Jong Un last week is to be noted. The twitter war was about which is the bigger Nuclear Buttons either its Kim's or Trump's which created huge flames in twitter last week. 

Pinarayi Vijayan Praises North Korean Dictator

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