High Court Orders RK Nagar By-Election Live Online

       Published : Dec 18, 2017 13:17 IST    
High Court Orders RK Nagar By-Election Live Online High Court Orders RK Nagar By-Election Live Online

High Court ordered RK Nagar election polling to be live online due to high security on it. District lection officer Karthikeyan is reviewing the election poll booths and the arrangements for the elections. To avoid illegal votes and other issues Election commission had announced the live online poll. 

There are reported several money transaction in the area from various parties. But no steps have been taken to control or arrest the persons involved in distributing the money to people. As per several reports, cash flows freely in the RK Nagar. To be noted, the election in the area was postponed due to money distribution 8 months before. Despite the arrest of some members and seizing amounts, the money distributions are unstoppable by the flying squad of any higher officers.

Today, High Court advised Company Deputy Military to stop the money distribution in RK Nagar. The election will be held on 24th Dec 2017. Tight security and live polling will be placed in 256 polling centers in the constituency. 

High Court Orders RK Nagar By-Election Live Online

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